DALTON TWP. – The township board has authorized the supervisor and clerk to execute a land sale to a developer who wants to locate a $20 million indoor grow operation for cannabis, and possibly hops, flowers and other vegetation.

The board, by a 7-0 roll call vote approved the motion to sell the property made by Trustee Daniel Hess at the board’s meeting Sept. 9.

The motion called for selling the township property at 2900 Whitehall Road, formerly the Wayside Trailer Park, to db3 , a Chicago-based real estate development firm, which made a presentation for Sensi Park at the township board’s August meeting.

The asking price for the 13-14 acre parcel is $106,260. Township Supervisor Tony Barnes said the buyer now has 150 days to do its due diligence before entering into the sale.

db3 also has a letter of intent with the County of Muskegon to buy its neighboring 210-acre Business Park North for $746,000. The park is located at the corner of Whitehall and Agard roads. The county board voted to enter into the letter of intent at its Aug. 22 meeting when db3 representatives made a presentation.

The real estate firm plans to rent out 350,000 square feet of indoor grow space to cultivate crops. The space could be rented for hops growing to support the craft beer industry, or for other plants which need a controlled environment.

Plans are to provide a cogeneration plant to supply the electricity needed for the operation. That plant would be powered by natural gas.

A part of the plan would be to reroute a public bike trail which cuts through the property to provide added security for the businesses.

The developer believes Sensi Park will initially support 250 construction jobs and in the first year provide 138 jobs. Within the first five years the number of jobs could grow to 266, resulting in a payroll of nearly $8.7 million.

Barnes said the purchase of township property is contingent on db3 purchasing the business park.

The township board, on Sept. 9, also approved a recommendation for the Township Planning Commission to form a Marijuana Production Overlay District for the property the developer wants to buy. A public hearing on the proposed overlay district was held at the planning commission’s Aug. 27 meeting.