MUSKEGON – Stalk through the halls of both the Hackley and Hume Houses with nothing but a flashlight.

For two nights only, the Hackley & Hume Historic Sites at the Lakeshore Museum Center will host the daring and spooktacular Flashlight Tours.

“While these aren’t necessarily ‘scary’ tours, we will use the flashlights to share creepy and odd stories about the historic houses. And we promise no one will jump out and scare you,” explains Erin Schmitz, Program Manager at the Hackley & Hume Historic Sites.

Using provided flashlights, guests can illuminate objects or rooms they want to explore through all five stories of the houses. Each night, groups of 4-10 people will have the chance to take a guided tour under the cover of darkness to discover eerie, interesting and fun tales of the Hackley family and other inhabitants of each house.

Space is filling up quickly. The Flashlight Tours are available October 23-24 with two sessions each night, one from 7-8 pm and another from 8:30-9:30 pm.

Tickets at $15 and guests can reserve a space by calling Assistant Program Manager Aaron Mace at 231-724-5534 or by emailing