Nick Nortier


Nick Nortier stands in front of one of his murals. Nortier is a Grand Rapids based artist who recently completed a mural for the City of Montague at The Groove Record Shop.

MONTAGUE – The exterior of Groove Record Shop, 8747 Ferry St., has gotten a face lift thanks to artist Nick Nortier.

Nortier was recently commissioned to do a mural by the City of Montague for its downtown area. Both the record store and the United States Post Office building had been considered as potential locations for the mural.

Nortier is commissioned to do a mural at the future site of the North Grove Brewers on Water Street. After approving the design for the brewery’s mural they connected with the artist to have him do something similar for them.

“I’ve known RJ Nordlund (North Grove Brewers co-owner) for a number of years through mutual friends, and it’s through him that I got connected with the city, and ended up painting this mural. He’s a great guy, and I’m excited for North Grove to open, and to paint a mural for them,” e-mailed Nortier.

The mural Nortier did for the city depicts a number of native Michigan flowers and plants.

“I’ve enjoyed drawing flowers and plants for quite some time and have painted them in many murals. For this one, I wanted to focus on native flowers because I believe they are incredibly important for the local ecosystem, e-mailed Nortier.

“In fact, I found two of the flowers in this mural behind and around the building. I really enjoy compositions that are reflected and balanced.”

Nortier is from the Grand Rapids area. He started teaching himself art like many kids do, by reading comic books. He would later go on to study art at the Kendall College of Art and Design.

“When I was in fourth grade I used to go to my friend Mark’s house every day after school. We would collect cans and return them at the supermarket, then take the money and go to Argo’s and buy comics. We would then go back to his house and draw characters from those comics, which is how I fell in love with drawing,” e-mailed Nortier.

“I ended up going to GRCC and then Kendall College of Art and Design for illustration and eventually got into street art and painting murals.”

Mural painting is Nortier’s full time job. He said he did his first one in 2009, and then waited until 2014 to do his next one. The mural he did on the side of The Groove Record Shop is his first in Montague.

“This is my first mural in the city of Montague but I am in talks with a couple clients right now and hope to paint some more this Fall or Spring. I’m from Grand Rapids and have lived there for pretty much my whole life,” he e-mailed.

“Montague has been a great place to work. Everyone has been super friendly and I’m very excited that the mural has been well received.”

For more information about Nortier visit: and on Instagram @OldGrowthCreative