Police Department

Feb. 3

• At 5:52 p.m. Whitehall Police were called to the 1200 block of Mears Avenue on a noise complaint. When officers arrived, there was no longer any noise, but they spoke to a couple that said they had been playing a video game. While they didn’t think they were too loud they might have gotten “carried away”. No further action was taken.

• The driver of a vehicle on Peterson Road at Alice Street said that the sun in her eyes led to a crash at that intersection. The crash was reported at 8:59 a.m. and the 42-year-old Muskegon Township resident told the officer that she was heading south and stopped at the sign. Unable to see an eastbound car, the driver proceeded and struck the eastbound car. There was only minor damage to both vehicles. The second vehicle was driven by a 73-year-old Whitehall woman. There were no injuries and no citations were issued.

• Officers assisted a truck driver in the 500 block of Lake Street after his GPS directed him to the trestle bridge. The truck was headed to a construction site in the 900 block of Lake Street and had a dual trailer connected. As the driver was attempting to back from the bridge to Sophia Street, vehicle traffic thwarted his attempt. Officers temporarily blocked traffic until the truck was able to get turned around. No further action was taken.

Feb. 1

• Whitehall Police are attempting to identify a suspect in a retail fraud that occurred in the 200 block of East Colby Street. Officers were called at 9:47 p.m. after an employee of the business was able to review video and confirm that the suspect had stolen items from the store. The employee was suspicious because the man in his 20s, with orange hair and a beard, was in the store a short time before leaving without buying anything. The case remains under investigation.

• A resident of the 200 block of Elizabeth Street called to report being threatened by his brother because he went fishing instead of getting his brother a cell phone. The caller told the investigator that he, his brother and another friend work together, and while at work he and his friend agreed to get a phone for the brother but after work, he and his friend decided to go ice fishing first. At about 4:30 p.m. the brother started calling and texting and making threats and sending a photo of the caller’s home. Officers attempted to locate the brother but were unsuccessful. No further action was taken.

• A business in the industrial park reported a theft that occurred overnight. The manager reported that he received an alert on his phone that someone had been inside the business in the middle of the night and later reviewed video on their system. The suspect was seen going to several vehicles with a bag and appeared to be taking items. The suspect was identified and the case remains under investigation.

• What was originally reported as a motorist assist led to a felony charge of OWI, Third Offense against the driver. At 9:07 p.m. police were called to the 3100 block of White Lake Drive for a vehicle stuck in the ditch. When the officer arrived, he noted that it appeared that the vehicle was traveling west and simply drove off the road and that there was fresh damage to the front of the passenger side. The officer recognized the driver and saw that the woman had difficulty getting out of her vehicle and noted the odor of intoxicants. After administering sobriety tests, the officer arrested the 57-year-old for OWI. The Fruitland Township woman was taken to Mercy Hospital and a blood sample was taken before the suspect was lodged at the Muskegon County jail.

Jan. 30

• At 10:59 a.m. Whitehall Police were called to the 1100 block of Lewis Street about a prowler from the night before. The resident reported that during the night, their camera system recorded a person around their car and that the car alarm sounded and caused the suspect to run off. They also noted from indications in the snow that the suspect appeared to have urinated at the end of their driveway. Police believe this is related to an incident from the night before.

• Officers were called to a domestic dispute in the 1000 block of Colby Street by people in the next room. The officer responding to the 9:52 a.m. call found a couple that had just awoken and begun to argue. There was no physical assault and no further action was taken.

• Police were called at 3 a.m. to the 200 block of Colby Street when staff at the business became concerned because a vehicle had been there for over an hour. The officer arrived and spoke to a couple that said they had an electrical fire and they needed a place to stay to keep warm. Arrangements were made for them at a local motel and no further action was taken.

• An officer on patrol at about 12:51 a.m. observed a small group of juveniles walking on Peterson Road near Colby Street. When the juveniles saw the patrol car, they ran through a nearby field and the officer pursued them. One of the juveniles was located and reported that they had been playing video games and went to the store to get snacks. The juvenile was returned to his home and turned over to his parents.

• While driving by an address in the 100 block of South Baldwin Street, an officer on patrol noticed a person that was wanted on an aggravated assault warrant. The officer contacted the suspect at about 6:24 p.m. to take the 20-year-old into custody, and she was going to give her sister some keys, but the officer noticed there was something with the keys. It was later discovered that the woman had passed marijuana product to the sister. The suspect was taken into custody without further incident and later lodged at the Muskegon County Jail. The suspect was also cited for MIP Marijuana. The sister, a 24-year-old Fruitland Township resident, was later cited with hindering police for attempting to conceal the contraband.

Jan. 29

• A 15-year-old is being petitioned to juvenile court after committing an assault on a DHS worker. The victim was at the home in the 300 block of Mears Avenue for a home visit and the suspect became upset that the workers were at her home speaking to her mother at about 10:33 a.m. The juvenile told the DHS employees to leave and then reportedly pulled the hair of one of the workers to try and force them to leave. There was no further assault and the workers left the home.

Jan. 28

• Whitehall Police were dispatched to a 911 hang-up call in the 100 block of North Livingston Street at 7:24 p.m. When officers arrived, they spoke with the residents and there appeared to be no emergency. One of the residents who appeared intoxicated said that he was trying to activate his phone and may have accidentally called. No further action was taken.

• A 16-year-old student was cited for a vape violation after being caught with a vape device by the principal. The principal reported to the investigating officer at 12:59 p.m. that during lunch the student came up to greet another student as she was passing by. At the same time the vape device fell out of the pouch pocket on the front of his hoodie. This was a second violation for that student.

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