Police Department

April 6

• Whitehall Police are investigating a sexual assault that occurred in the 600 block of Division St. The victim called police at 10:46 p.m. and reported that she had been walking by herself but talking on the phone and observed a male in his 20s standing in the area but he began walking ahead of her as they both walked south along Division St. The suspect, who was medium height and build, then stopped and came back to the victim and grabbed he arm while exposing himself. The victim yelled at the man to get away and he left the area without doing anything more. Police are asking anyone with information in the case to contact the Whitehall Police Department.

• At 4:17 p.m. a caller reported a man lying in the grass at Lyon’s park but did not respond to the caller’s attempt to wake him. The man woke when the officer arrived and said that he lived nearby but was just taking a nap. No further action was taken.

April 4

• A couple in the process of separating called Whitehall Police during a 7:45 p.m. argument. They both told the officer that the other person was bothering them. The officer told the two that live in the 500 block of Hanson St to avoid each other for the evening so the man went out to a travel trailer in the yard. The woman then left to go to work but turned off the power to the trailer before she did. The man called police again and the officer suggested he go someplace else for the evening.

• A resident of the 200 block of Alice St called at 8:19 a.m. and reported that sometime during the overnight his mailbox was struck and ruined by a car. The victim said that around 11:00 p.m. he heard a noise outside but could not see anything amiss. In the morning though he saw his mailbox was destroyed and there were pieces from a dark vehicle left behind. There are no suspects in the case.

April 3

• An officer on patrol noticed a vehicle with an expired 2019 tab and made a traffic stop at 7:20 p.m. During the stop the officer also found that the 36-year-old driver’s license had expired in 2020. The Twin Lake man did not have any proof of appointment with the Secretary of State and was cited and released from the stop that occurred in the 400 block of Colby St.

A Rothbury woman was involved in a crash with a road sign after being forced off the road at 6:18 p.m. The 55-year-old driver reported that she was heading toward Montague on Thompson St when another vehicle heading the same direction moved into her lane. The driver went off the roadway and struck the sign which also cause minor damage to her vehicle. The other driver continued on and there were no citations issued in the crash.

While passing by a car that had just stopped in a driveway, an officer on patrol observed a passenger exit the vehicle with an open can of beer. The officer contacted the suspect in the 300 block of Baldwin St and cited the 64-year-old Montague resident. The man was released after the 6:12 p.m. stop.

At 2:15 a.m. an on-duty officer was observing traffic in the 1300 block of Colby St when he observed a truck following so closely to another vehicle that the officer could not see its headlights. The officer began to follow the vehicle and noted it weaving and made a traffic stop in the 3000 block of Colby. The officer noted signs of intoxication and the odor of intoxicants from the driver who said that he had been at the race track. The officer had him exit for sobriety tests and as the St. Johns resident got out the officer noted an open whiskey bottle on the seat and a full beer can in the man’s back pants pocket. After sobriety tests the man was arrested for OWI and taken to the Muskegon County jail where a breath test was done. The results were in excess of the Michigan “High BAC” standard and the Muskegon County Prosecutor charged the 40-year-old with a felony for a 3rd Offense OWI.

April 2

• Responding to a report of a truck “all over the roadway” on northbound US-31 and Whitehall officer responded to the area as no other police were in the area. The officer located the vehicle at about 6:10 p.m. and noted more erratic driving before making the stop. The 61-year-old driver said that he was headed to the racetrack and that he had “a few sips”. After sobriety tests the resident of Remus was arrested and taken to the Muskegon County jail for a breath test. The results were in excess of the .08% standard for Michigan and the suspect was lodged at the jail.

April 1

• Slippery roads were a mean prank for drivers in the area of the Colby/Thompson St curve. Two crashes occurred within moments of each other at 6:55 a.m. due to the snow. In the first crash a 17-year-old Whitehall woman traveling west slid through the curve and into the path of a vehicle heading south on Thompson St. The second car was driven by a 41-year-old Fruitland Township woman. The second crash happened when again a west bound vehicle slid as it approached the intersection and struck a truck that had just finished turning onto Colby St. Those vehicles were driven by a 24-year-old New Era woman and a 55-year-old Montague man respectively. No citations were issued in either crash.

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