The Muskegon County police apprehended a local man and charged him with felonious assault after his mother fled their house and informed police about a threat he had made against her.

Benjamin Zike, 44, was arrested Sunday evening at a gas station in Dalton Township after initially evading attempts to apprehend him. Zike’s mother came to the Whitehall police station earlier in the day saying Zike had threatened her with a weapon, leading her to leave their house on Johannah St. Zike has a criminal history.

Zike’s mother, a state police trooper and officers from the county sheriff’s office and the Montague police department returned to the scene shortly thereafter to bring Zike in. Officers and the county’s emergency response team surrounded the house and informed Zike he needed to surrender using a loudspeaker, but after no response, the emergency response team entered the house to find no one there.

The suspect was considered armed and dangerous, but a citizen was able to call and inform police that Zike was at the Dalton Twp. gas station. Once a deputy responded to the call, Zike surrendered immediately. He was taken to Whitehall police and questioned, then taken to the Muskegon County jail. He has been charged with felonious assault as well as for two outstanding warrants.

The Whitehall police department thanked everyone involved for helping to bring Zike in without serious incident.

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