Jan. 5

Whitehall Police spoke to a homeowner in the 900 block of Mears Avenue after a large pile of snow from their drive was placed in the parking lane adjacent to their driveway. Officers warned the resident and reminded them of the hazard the snow would present to cars and city snow plows and that it was blocking public parking spaces. Whitehall Police would also like to remind everyone that city ordinance requires sidewalks in front of residents to be cleared within 24 hours of any snowfall.

Jan. 4

Officers on patrol in the 100 block of South Division Street found a stranded motorist. The parent was taking their child to school when the car failed. Officer assisted on the 7:50 a.m. call by pushing the car off the roadway and then transporting the child to school while the owner waited for assistance.

Jan. 3

At 1:07 a.m. Whitehall Police were called to a report of a domestic assault. Officers responded to the 1000 block of Colby Street after a person in the next room heard arguing and banging. When officers arrived, they found a couple that had been celebrating a birthday and were visibly intoxicated. The woman told the officer that her boyfriend had pulled her hair and the man reported that the woman had pulled his beard first. This happened after they argued about drinking too much. Both agreed to leave each other alone the rest of the night and neither wanted to press charges. The case was sent to the Muskegon County prosecutor for review as required by law.

Dec. 31

A New Year’s Eve traffic stop led to the arrest of a driver that ran a stop sign, not even slowing for the intersection. An officer was observing traffic at the corner of Alice Street and Warner Street when a westbound vehicle went through the 4-way stop at about 25 mph. The officer initiated a stop at 11:37 p.m. and when speaking to the driver noted signs of impairment and learned the four people in the car were on their way to buy “drinks”. The officer arrested the 21-year-old driver after sobriety tests were performed. At the Muskegon County jail, the Traverse City resident showed a BAC of .10% and was lodged for the night. One of the passengers who had not been drinking was allowed to drive the car from the scene.

An officer on patrol checked a license plate and noted that the vehicle in the computer did not match the vehicle on the road. The officer then made contact with the driver in the 200 block of Colby Street. During the 7:22 p.m. stop the officer learned that the driver had purchased the vehicle in March in Wisconsin and had been issued a citation for an improper plate Dec. 8 but still had not contacted the SOS or removed the bad plate. There was also no insurance on the vehicle. The 26-year-old Rothbury woman was cited a second time and the vehicle was impounded.

Dec. 30

A resident of the 400 block of Muskegon Avenue reported that he had been the victim of a fraud. At 5:21 p.m. the victim reported receiving a call from a collection agency for phone equipment purchased but not paid for. An unknown suspect had opened an account in his name, purchasing over $1,000 in equipment. At this time there are no suspects in the case.

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