Imagine coming home from vacation to find someone living in your home- someone who says they bought it. Imagine trying to settle the estate of a loved one and finding loans against the property you know they never had. This is property fraud.

What would you pay to protect you and your business from fraud? We offer Muskegon County citizens Property Fraud Guard for free.

Fraud Guard is a simple tool that helps protect you or your business from becoming the victim of Fraud. Fraud Guard notifies you, via email, when your name is on a document being recorded in The Muskegon County Register of Deeds. With Fraud Guard, you stay informed about how your name is used by others.

Recording, retrieving and preserving Muskegon County’s Land Records such as deeds, mortgages, surveys, plats and condominiums may not seem like a glamorous job worthy of a television police drama, but the FBI reports that white collar crime- complex criminal schemes involving fraud and theft is on the rise. Let us help protect you and your business from these sophisticated criminals.

Fraud Guard services are designed to assist with fraud prevention, early detection of fraud, and risk assessment by providing an easy and convenient system to minimize impact and prevent future occurrences. Fraud Guard is designed to work with documents recorded after Fraud Guard Enrollment and in the future.

To Enroll for Fraud Guard, visit Muskegon County Register of Deeds online at Visit “Fraud Guard” in the menu and you will be taken to a page to register your email with the Register of Deeds. You will be asked to enter variations of your name or business name. When the system finds one of these variations on a document, you will be notified by an email with a link to the newly recorded document after Enrollment.

We want to protect you, but we can’t do it alone! You have to come online and register for the free Property Fraud Guard protection to work. Please, help us spot fraudulent activity and capture thieves and register with Fraud Guard now!