Dr. Jerry McDowell

Whitehall District School Superintendent Dr. Jerry McDowell, has received a “highly effective” rating on his 2019-2020 school year evaluation which was unanimously approved by the school board at its meeting last Monday night (Jan. 20).

The evaluation was based on a document and process provided by the Michigan Association of School Boards.

The board met with Dr. McDowell in a two and a half hour closed session January 13 to discuss his evaluation. According to the Open Meetings Act, that session began in an open meeting, and moved into a closed session for the purpose of periodic personnel evaluation.

In a summary of the evaluation, board comments included that McDowell is rated “highly effective”, and that he will work with the board to set three-year goals that will continue to move and advance the district in its current direction, he will work to improve an already good communication, he will work on student growth and improving test scores to continue being a leader in the area and region and he will continue to pursue progress and growth after meeting district initiatives.

Dr. McDowell was rated on the following categories: Governance & Board Relations, Community Relations, Staff Relations, Business & Finance, Instructional Leadership, Professional Practice, Student Growth, and Progress Toward District-Wide Goals.

Dr. McDowell has been the Whitehall superintendent since 2011.