WHITEHALL – It’s been a rough year for trees in the city, and a contractor has been busy trimming or removing about 20 mature ash and maples on city property recently.

Brian Armstrong, Whitehall Public Works director, said last Friday he hoped the tree work would be completed that day.

Armstrong said about 20 trees were scheduled for removal.

“We lost a lot (trees) this year,” he said.

The director said the removed trees were damaged by disease and just end of life issues.

“The ash trees were nearing the end of their life in the city,” Armstrong said. “Some maples were diseased and some were at the end of their lives.”

Ice storms and high winds this year also contributed to damaging trees.

This was worse than a normal year,” he added.

Borgman Tree Service of Muskegon is contracted to trim and remove trees on city property.

A year ago the city entered into a two-year contract with Borgman to maintain the city trees. The city had requested proposals from five companies at the time and Borgman was the only one to provide one.

The contract calls for tree trimming, tree removal and stump grinding as needed.

Armstrong said the city is planting nine new trees.