WHITEHALL – The City Council held their meeting at the Playhouse on Tuesday Oct. 13, at 6pm.

They moved and approved the minutes and the accounts payable. City manager Scott Huebler pointed out that there was a pending land sale for the Freedom Boat Club.

“We had to survey for the State of Michigan hot water inspection for the Playhouse water.”

Other accounts payable items were explained as follows: $4,000 for dog waste bags will last through 2022, Contact [cleaning] papers; $12,000 for promotion of city events; $40-$50 for expenses related to their salt trucks and plows for seven vehicles in cities service fleet.

The fall leaf pick up for Whitehall City will begin on November first and continue for the whole month. Several citizens commented that it should’ve started much sooner.

Objections over why the city is being charged for the time at the White Lake Playhouse were answered easily by Hubler.

“We are paying ourselves to do this since we take a cut. No different than the Scene Shop – just an accounting process, whereas if we were to hold the meetings at The Legion, we receive nothing. We make money here; we are paying ourselves.”

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