Big Cat Daddy Walleye Bar & Grille

BY Jared Leatzow/Beacon Reporter

1984 Montague High School graduate and former pro-baseball player Linc Mikkelson poses for a photo in Big Cat Daddy Walleye Bar & Grille. Mikkelson took over ownership of the Wayside Bar & Grille in Montague from Mike Lang. He said the new name is inspired from a conversation he had with Winberg Construction Inc. owner Brad VanBergen.

MONTAGUE –After traveling the world, and then starting a successful business in Texas, Linc Mikkelsen is back home in Montague.

Mikkelsen is a 1984 Montague High School graduate who went on to play professional baseball as a pitcher in 1990. Through baseball he got to travel the world playing for teams in Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, China and Italy; and even spent some time playing in the MLB.

Afterwards, he went on to start a successful senior home care business in Texas, but moved back to Michigan in 2017 with his wife Brandy to be closer to his family.

Mikkelsen currently lives in Norton Shores, but just took over ownership of the Wayside Bar & Grille, 8875 Water St. on Tuesday, July 23. People driving by may have noticed a new sign out front. The bar and restaurant is now called Big Cat Daddy Walleye Bar & Grille.

Mikkelson said it was Brad VanBergen, owner of Winberg Construction Inc. in Montague, who came up with the name for the bar.

“Me and this guy Brad VanBergen, he owns Winberg (Construction Inc.) across there. We were sitting here 25-years-ago trying to think up names of bars. We’ve always thought about it (owning a bar). We obviously think about the names, we obviously went and did different things,” said Mikkelson.

“I went and played professional baseball for 18 years. [...] I was living in Texas, decided to move back here. I graduated here in 84’ in Montague”

In addition to a name change, Mikkelsen has other plans for the business which include adding a deck outside, new floor to ceiling windows in the front of the building, and pizza.

“The menu will mostly stay the same, I do have a chef that is coming in. he is going to kind of spice things up, make things a little different. Some things [sic] and we are going to have pizza here,” said Mikkelson.

Big Cat Daddy Walleye will also have an app that people can use to order food. Mikkelson said people will be able to order their food, and track its preparation from the app to know what time wthey should come to pick it up.

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