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More than 20 golfers from the Michigan Hickory Tour played in a morning golf outing, known as the McNabb Cup on Saturday, Sept. 25 at 11 a.m. at the White Lake Golf Club.

“It’s an annual event we play as part of our Michigan Hickory Tour,” said event host Jim Davis of Grand Rapids. “We play hickory golf at various courses throughout the state during the season. Some of us just returned from the U.S. Hickory Open, this year held at the Gearhart Golf Links in Gearhart, Ore.”

According to Davis, Hickory golf is played with clubs that were common in the 1920s and is popular amongst golfers across the country. The Society of Hickory Golfers, who made this event possible, is the main group for this sport in the U.S.

The game of Hickory golf is played with Stableford rules, meaning that the net scores count towards the points. Tim Stroshine, of Ohio, was the overall winner for the McNabb Cup.

The low-score champion shot an 82, and is only 22-years-old. His name is Collin Laundrie and he is from Wisconsin. “It’s great fun,” he said. “It’s an honor to play for The Cup, one of the great hickory golf events in Michigan.”

Davis said the group is happy to help interested golfers learn more about hickory golf. Inquiries may be sent to him at Or through the SoHG website at

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