WHITEHALL – The Whitehall city council called their meeting to order on Tuesday, July 28.

The first thing discussed was to give congratulations on the Slocum Street clean up, clearing brush and branches and mowing the overrun areas.

Thanks to Brian Armstrong of the Public Works Department, were given, asking his sister and City Clerk Brenda to send their thanks to him.

City Manager Scott Huebler said he will submit an application for the Government’s Hazard Pay. That would give $1,000.00 to the 8 full time police officers in Whitehall.

New Business:

The option to renew the Legal Services was moved to a Work Session yet to be determined.

They contracted services from Parson’s Small Engine Repair for $2,014.50 on a Toro lawn mower. It was then explain, when the amount was questioned, that in fact they had to replace an engine.

An E-Z-Charging Station will be built for the Whitehall businesses. It will be installed with benefit to the City Council. “There might be some cost which would take a percentage of their profit – to be worked out in the future.” Something is better than nothing.