By Greg Means/Beacon Editor

Whitehall High School musicians Kiara Moore holding her tuba and Karoline Glamzi with her alto saxophone have a musical connection with Europe. Moore will tour it in June and Glamzi was there last summer with the Ambassadors of Music.

WHITEHALL – Whitehall High School band students are making a musical connection with Europe.

One performed in seven countries over 17 days last summer while touring with the Michigan Ambassadors of Music, and one will be traveling this coming summer in four countries with the International Program at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp.

“The concerts were played mostly outside,” Glamzi commented on her memorable musical experience.

That was a challenge as much of Europe experienced scorching temperatures. “It was 105 degrees in Italy,” she said.

She remembers one concert in Innsbruck, Austria was played at a venue where Olympic medals were presented to the Winter Olympics.

Glamzi said the band and choir performed on the lawn of Windsor Castle in England while Queen Elizabeth was inside. “That was really cool.”

“This was a once in a lifetime opportunity,” the senior remembers. “Mr. Raab (band director) recommended me and I received a letter from the Michigan Ambassadors of Music. At first it was kind of crazy.”

“During Karoline’s music career at Whitehall High School, she has played the alto saxophone in our Symphonic, Marching, and Jazz Bands,” commented Raab.

Glamzi has also been a member of the color guard in marching band for the past two seasons. Currently, she is serving as first chair of the alto saxophone section, and is leading a saxophone quintet in a performance at MSBOA Solo & Ensemble Festival on February 8.

“Karoline has been a very dedicated, hardworking, and loyal member of our band program, and it has been a blessing and honor having her as part of our band family for seven years. Being an NHS member and student athlete, Karoline has always made music a priority and has remained dedicated to our ensemble, which I believe speaks volumes about her character,” Raab said.

Glamzi said the band she played in was accompanied by a choir on the tour.

Before leaving on the tour last July 12, Glamzi said the band members gathered at Grand Valley State University for an intense four days of rehearsal.

The band’s repertoire at concerts included American marches. “The people loved them.”

In addition to gaining a valuable musical experience, Glamzi said she made plenty of friends with fellow band members, including one from nearby Shelby.

The high school musicians stayed in hotels during the tour.

Glamzi said she definitely wants to return to Switzerland and experience the culture and food.

While Glamzi would like to play in a jazz band beyond high school, educationally she would like to pursue a career in environmental engineering and would like to attend the University of Michigan.

The senior said her family helped fund her European musical experience.

Kiara Moore

Moore will be a part of a European musical tour this summer with the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp International program.

“We’ll be playing in different cities and stay overnight in the homes of host families,” the Whitehall High School sophomore said.

Moore said she will also be able to sightsee in Germany, France and the Netherlands.

The musician plays the tuba, but started her musical education on the trumpet.

She’s been playing since fourth grade when she attended Muskegon Oakridge schools.

Moore has also attended Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp sessions in nearby Twin Lake for two summers. “In the second year I heard about it (European tour) and applied for it.”

The sophomore would like to be a band director.

“I would like to go to Central Michigan University and then to a music school like the Berklee College of Music.”

Moore said music has been a big part of her life. “I have known I want to play the tuba and want to perform. It gives me joy.”

As only a sophomore in the Whitehall High School band program, Matt Raab said Kiara already has many accomplishments.

“She has been a member of our Symphonic, Marching, and Pep Bands playing the tuba. Kiara is also a member of our JV Jazz Band, where she plays the trombone. Currently, she is serving as first chair of the tuba section in Symphonic Band, and has been selected to perform with the MSBOA District 7 honors band on January 8.”

As of publication, Moore has alredy perfomed with the MSBOA District 7 honors band.

Kiara has also been an active soloist at MSBOA Solo & Ensemble Festivals, earning superior, division one ratings.

“It is very clear that music is Kiara’s passion and will be a major part of her life after high school. She is constantly dedicating her time to our ensembles and to making herself a better musician. Along with Karoline, Kiara is a dedicated, hardworking, and loyal member of our program, and I am so thankful to have her in our band family.”

Moore will be touring Europe June 15 to July 4.