Gregory Holman

WHITEHALL – White Lake Fire Authority Chief Gregory Holman, who was placed on paid administrative leave on Feb. 14, will officially resign after 22 years service on the department.

The authority serves the City of Whitehall and the townships of Fruitland and Whitehall.

The White Lake Fire Authority (WLFA) board, at its March 17 meeting, unanimously voted for a separation agreement which calls for Chief Holman’s resignation effective March 31, 2020. The motion to approve the separation agreement was made by board member Jeff Holmstrom following the board’s 33-minute closed session with WLFA’s attorney David Bossenbroek of Britton & Bossenbroek, PC Muskegon.

Holmstrom, and board members Chair Melissa Beegle, Secretary Marcia Jeske, Judy Marcinkowski, Norm Kittleson and Dennis Kroll voted in favor of the separation agreement. Beegle, Jeske and Marcinkowski represent Fruitland Township, Holmstrom and Kittleson represent the City of Whitehall and Kroll represents Whitehall Township.

According to the agreement, Holman who has served as the WLFA chief since 2011, will receive compensation upon his resignation. Included in that compensation will be payment of unpaid sick days in the amount of $1,298, payment of unused vacation days in the amount of $4,427.20 and an additional payment of $100 on the eighth day following execution of the agreement.

The separation agreement did not state a specific reason for separation other it was a termination by the authority without cause. The agreement reads that “Nothing in this agreement shall be construed as an admission of any unlawful action or conduct by Fire Chief of any violation or noncompliance with any obligation, legal or otherwise. The Authority will not object to any application for unemployment benefits by the Fire Chief.”

In consideration of the WLFA’s payment, he agrees to not make any claims against the authority, contractural or otherwise.

The separation agreement included statements by the WLFA and Chief Holman.

“Greg Holman has resigned from his position as Fire Chief with the White Lake Fire Authority. The White Lake Fire Authority Board is thankful for Chief Holman’s over 22 years of service and wishes him and his family the very best,” was the WLFA statement.

Holman’s statement is as follows, “I have resigned from my position as Fire Chief with the White Lake Fire Authority. I am thankful for the opportunity to provide over 22 years of service to these communities.”