The White Lake Yacht Club and two homeowners are being recognized by the White Lake Area Historical Society for preserving the structures in the style in which they were originally built.

Each year since 2004 the historical society has presented wall plaques to the property owners in hopes it will be an inspiration to others to restore and preserve their property, and thus, enhance the community.

The plaques are displayed on the exterior of the historical structures.

The plaque winners this year are the White Lake Yacht Club, Rebecca Vohs who owns a Queen Anne style home at 8636 Old Channel Trail, Montague, locally known as the Roesler House, and Roseanne and Jean Durga for their home at 723 S. Division St., Whitehall, which is known as a Michigan Vernacular Style with intersecting wings.

The White Lake Yacht Club was formed in the winter of 1902-03 by a group of interested yachtsmen. The clubhouse was opened in 1906 with a large ballroom and bays for boats. It fell into disrepair, and in 1925 it was saved by the efforts of Henry Sturtevant, Clarence Pitkin and others. When it reopened it offered a sailing school, boat races, swimming lessons and many social activities for members and guests.

The home at 8636 Old Channel Trail, Montague is located on a bluff overlooking White Lake, across the street from the historic Ferry Memorial Reformed Church. The home was built in 1903 and has had a series of owners. George miller owned the basket mill in Montague, but lost the house to the bank. The bank president, Adolph Anderson, then bought the house. It was purchased in 1962 by Henry Roesler, a long-time police officer and mayor of Montague. Vohs, the present owner did a wonderful job of restoring the home to its original appearance. Many hours of scraping and painting were put into the restoration.

The home at 723 S. Division St., Whitehall was built around 1910 by a local carpenter. He added to the original home in the 1920s. It is located on a corner lot with a lovely garden in keeping with the style and age of the house.