Even amid a pandemic election will still be taking place on Tuesday, Aug. 4.

This year’s elections will be particularly unique since people have been encouraged more than ever to vote using an absentee ballot.

For just about every election the White Lake Beacon sends out a questionnaire via email to the candidates participating. Responses this year have been underwhelming, with only a handful of candidates submitting their surveys.

Below is the list of candidates for the election, and the information that could be gathered about them. A “” next to their name denotes whether or not they turned in their survey.

Dalton Township Supervisor

• Tony Barnes (D) Incumbent

• Jeffrey Alexander Martin (R)

Age: 31

Party: Republican

Personal Website: JeffThinks.com

Campaign Website: FixDalton.com

Occupation: Online English instructor

Education: TESOL certificate from Arizona State University

Memberships: Jeff Martin has been a member of organizations ranging from Mensa to Toastmasters.

Here is the 18 article series written on Dalton Township politics so far: http://www.jeffreyalexandermartin.com/search/label/Government

• Rory Rought (R)

Dalton Township Treasurer

• Tammy Stephenson (D) Incumbent

• Gerold Wayne Flater (R)

Dalton Township Clerk

• Lori K. Hayes (D) Incumbent

Dalton Township Trustee (Four open seats)

• Daniel Hess (D) Incumbent

• Michael Hiner (D) Incumbent

• Ambur Lenartowicz (D)

• James Lothschutz (D) Incumbent

• Brian C. Vallier (D)

• Kerry Gabriel Knight (R)

• Renea Knight (R)

• Nola Twining (R)

Age: 59

Occupation I am a full time caregiver for my daughter


Certified colon hydrotherapist

Education: GED

Membership: Any outreaches

• Lee Witte (R)

Montague Township Supervisor

• Jeff King (R) Incumbent

Montague Township Treasurer

• Tracy Korthase (R) Incumbent

Age: 57years old

Spouse: Husband Tim of Korthase and Sons Electric

Additional information: Lives on Henderson Road, Montague Township – lifelong resident of Township

Current occupation: Part-time Treasurer for Montague Township for 16 years, part-time with Korthase and Sons Electric, one of a few caretakers at the Montague Township parks and currently serve on Planning Commission

Other: Was a Montague Firefighter for six- years

• Montague Township Clerk

• Wesley J. Weesies (R) Incumbent

Montague Township Trustee (Two open seats)

•Jay Goodrich (R)

• Jacob R. Seaver (R) Incumbent

Whitehall Township Supervisor

• Paul Stark (D)

• Arnold Erb (R) *

Age: 65

Spouse: Susan

Children’s names if under 18: 3 children over 18.

Occupational history: Retired automotive tooling engineer, Journeyman Patternmaker, Anderson Global 4 yrs, Paragon Pattern & Mfg 23 yrs, Johnson Technology 4 yrs, Dresser Crane & Hoist, Ravenna Patteren

Educational background: Muskegon Community College, Tool & Die apprenticeship

Memberships, elected positions held, community activities:

Chairman Whitehall Twp ZBA 8 yrs.

volunteer work with Whitehall Twp Planning Commission

Member White Lake Area Sportfishing Assoc. work on fish boil

Live in Whitehall Twp 30 yrs.

Whitehall Township Treasurer

• June S. Lydens (R) Incumbent

• Whitehall Township Clerk

•Sarah K. Sylvester (D) Incumbent

Whitehall Township Trustee (2 open seats)

• Kayla L.E. Flaska (D) *

Age: 35

Children if under the age of 18: Single Mother to three beautiful children –Dominick, Elizabeth and Ryder

Occupation: Server at Gary’s Restaurant for seven years

Education: Studied Human Resource Management at Baker College

If elected this will be my first official elected position.

Memberships: I have volunteered @ Whitehall District Schools for many years. Involved with fundraising & field trips. My children are apart of the Lil Vikes & WLYSC community.

• Dennis Kroll (R) Incumbent

• Charles L. Schmitigal (R)