As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, all eyes are on the United States for smart strategies, treatments and a cure. The good news: Our biopharmaceutical companies have been working around the clock to deliver help as quickly as possible.

It is my belief that voting pro-life should always be a priority. In the August 5th primary there are two Republican pro-life candidates running for state representative of the 100th District. In a case like this the Michigan Right to Life policy is to endorse the incumbent. Their reasoning …

I have had numerous conversations with constituents throughout this pandemic about actions the state has taken and what folks believe is the best action going forward.

Area teens and tweens are invited to compete in a variety of mythical-themed challenges this summer.

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First, let me state: I'm a doctor. And this pandemic is not over. We have been lucky in our community but we must not allow it to lull us into overconfidence.