Early April, Spring finding her way.

Birds return from their journey and lay

Their path to new life.

winged songs fill the day.

Then Mother Nature takes a turn . . .

seems she’s gone astray

As snow fills the sky, seemed no end.

Heavy, wet, white covered limbs bend

Toward the Earth. How do they hold

The weight, as pines fold?

But skies clear in the night.

Moon illuminates the woods as a bright

Serene vision in view.

A tale that a day of April snow drew.

Now as dawn stretches through the sky,

An image aglow . . .

sun’s warmth reaches out and snow takes flight.

As limbs spring back to reach for the sunrise

. . . While across the ocean, smoke begins to rise.

. . . An ancient place of worship cries.

Soon flames engulf Notre Dame . . . fire fills the sky.

And around the Earth, eyes watch with sadness

Flames engulf the cathedral’s attic.

An attic built from a “Forest of Trees.”

Reflect back to “the snow covered woods”

as warmth begins to ease

The weight, sun shining bright.

While a smoke covered sky takes away the light.

Scene so surreal, a 750 ton spire

Slowly falls with flames from the fire.

Notre Dame ablaze, is their any hope?

Firefighters scramble to salvage items that history wrote.

. . . And the birds begin to spread their wings.

Snow melting, as the day warms, they sing.

While water upon the cathedral pours.

They strive to stop the rage, as the fire roars

Its last sounds.

The walls still stand.

Hope in the hearts of humans across the land . . .

a time of sorrow and rising

Fills the Earth, Spring inspiring.

A cathedral stands tall though battered . . .

And upon the snow melting woods, branches are scattered.

From the weight of an April snow.

Recall a moonlit night aglow

And Notre Dame as she now appears.

Still with hope and faith . . .

into the rising she again steers.

©️ Lin Frog April 17, 2019