MUSKEGON — Whitehall easily won both rivalry bowling pin trophies Wednesday against Montague at Northway Lanes. The Viking girls earned a 28-2 win while the boys won 26-4.

Whitehall dominated Baker play in the girls match, winning all 10 points. The Vikings finished game one of Baker play with two strikes in the 10th frame, winning that first game 177-126. The Vikings also put up high scores in singles play. Ava Garcia had the highest score by any player, boy or girl, in the match, with a 213 and also rolled a 159. Felicity Dingman rang up a 181 and a 144 to help deliver the Vikings to the win.

For Montague, Marie Ross and Trisha Beckman earned the Wildcats' only two points, bowling a 111 and a 107 respectively. Sophie Brewer had Montague's top girls score, a 124.

In boys' play, Whitehall earned consistent high scores across the board, led by Gabe Ganos, who bowled a 201 and a 165. Avery Gabriel put up a 167 and a 158 to win both of his matches. Other high scores included a 161 from Jeffrey Hackey and a 160 from Mason Inglis.

Montague earned two points in Baker play by tying Whitehall at 115 in the second Baker game, and its other two points came from Bryton Belinger and Carson Johnston. Belinger bowled a 167 and Johnston had a 157 to earn those points.

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