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Share your Story of your loved one. In November we will commemorate the 100th anniversary of WWI. World War I is central to American and world history but few Americans are aware of its importance. For a variety of reasons, World War I has a much fainter imprint on the American consciousness than our other two great wars: the Civil War and World War II.We have sharply defined sense of the Civil War, because of its place in our history and our ability to walk its battlefields. We have a vivid mind's eye of World War II, because of its moral clarity and the national triumph it represents, as well as the presence of living veterans in our society. Both wars have also been frequently and richly depicted in popular film.Not so World War I. It is distant in time, it was fought overseas, news coverage was less immediate, ambivalence surrounded the reasons for the war and its aftermath, and U.S. forces fought for a relatively brief period of time. But in that short period, Americans fought with the same tenacity they did in World War II, and they died at a rate surpassed only in the Civil War.Submit your WWI story and photos below to have your history included in this wonderful commemorative piece in November.

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